Shopping For School Supplies        -             Take Credit For Learning!


Save your receipts and SAVE MONEY on your state tax return.


Depending on your income, you may be eligible to claim the K-12 education subtraction and/or education credit.


Here are a few examples of qualifying educational expenses:


ü      Pens, pencils notebooks, folders, etc.

ü      Tutoring or instructor fees

ü      Music lessons and instruments

ü      Computer hardware and educational software


For more information, check out eh Minnesota Department of Revenue website at:




********** REMEMBER to SAVE your RECEIPTS **********




You can get a state tax credit or subtraction for costs for your children’s schooling or related things.  These cover children in kindergarten through high school.  The maximum credit is $ 1,000 per child.  You can use costs like:  tutors, academic books and materials, fees paid to others for transportation, music lessons, after school programs, and academic summer camps.  You can also use costs for computer hardware or educational software ( $200 limit).  Private school tuition is a subtraction only.  To get credit, fill out Form M-1ED.  To use the subtraction, do the worksheet on the back of Form M-1.