Reading-Mr. Setterholm


  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle
  • The Chocolate Touch
  • How to Eat Fried Worms

Reading skills are taken from the Wonders Series and we use daily work, weekly quizzes, and unit tests to assess skills.

We also use the hardcover book.  We will alternate between units (with a focus on nonfiction readings) and novels.

We use the Accelerated Reader Program which the students will read books in their individual reading level and take quizzes that check for comprehension.  We have about 45 minutes of AR time during the school day.

Spelling-Mr. Setterholm

Spelling --Houghton Mifflin Spelling Books

     Each unit will be assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.  I will correct pages as students complete them in class.  Monday we will go through the first two pages of the unit with some work time and talk about the last two pages on Tuesday with work time.  Students may work ahead in each unit if they wish.  Wednesday will be a work day and on Thursday the unit is due and we will work on corrections.

Spelling Tests based on the 500 most frequently spelled words.  They will usually be on Fridays.  The spelling list will come home at the beginning of the week for the end of week test.



Unit 1:     Sentences and Personal Narrative

Unit 2:    Nouns and Writing that Compares

Unit 3:    Verbs and Persuasive Writing

Unit 4:    Adjectives and Explanatory Writing

Unit 5:    Pronouns and Story Writing

Unit 6:    Adverbs, Prepositions, & Expository Writing


     We will be using the 2015 Every Day Math series.  We will use student math journals and also some math master sheets as a supplement for extra practice.  Students may bring home a Math Reference Book to use to look at examples and explanations.  These will be kept on a shelf in the classroom, but students have access to them every day.   


  • Chapter 6- Water Cycle and Weather 
  • Chapter 8- Minerals and Rocks
  • Animal Research Project
  • Chapter 19-Effects of Technology
  • Chapter 5- Systems of the Human Body
  • Chapter 11- Properties of Matter
  • Chapter 12- Heat
  • Chapter 13- Electricity and Magnetism


Social Studies

Unit 1  Our National Story

Unit 2  The U.S.:Its Land and People

50 State Locations

50 States & Capitals

Unit 3  The Northeast

Unit 4  The Southeast

Unit 5  The Midwest

Unit 6  The Southwest

Unit 7  The West