Class Rules and Grading System

Mr. Scholten’s Math Classes


Behavioral Expectations and Grading Process


The basic rules for class will be as follows:

  1. Treat others, as you would like to be treated.
  2. Respect your classmates and teacher.
  3. Raise your hand when you wish to speak.
  4. Listen attentively as your classmates or teacher speaks.
  5. Be on task while in class.
  6. Complete assignments on time (no credit is given for late assignments).


If a student continues to break these rules, besides the probability of detention, I will start taking points away from either their tests or homework points.


Stay off your cell phone.  You will lose your phone for a school day if you are on it. 


You may have gum (NO CANDY) but if I see it (blowing bubbles, hear it snapping, etc) you’ll have to throw it away.


No bathroom breaks.  (You might want to use a tardy for a bathroom break.)


Be in your seat and ready to work as soon as the bell rings or you are tardy.

When class is wrapping up, stay in your seats until I release you.



For each semester, every tardy after four results in an hour detention.  Excessive tardiness will be dealt with by a conference between the student, parent/guardian, and teacher.


Other Infractions

I will give warnings for minor misbehaviors in class before sending a student to the office, giving detention or writing a referral.  In the event of a bigger infraction (i.e. swearing at another student, hitting another person, etc.), I will send the student to the principal’s office immediately.



Grading Process

The following is the percentages of how each student is graded.


Algebra I, Geometry, Alg III/Trig             Basic Algebra I & Basic Geometry

30%    Homework.                                        30%    Homework

70%    Tests and Quizzes                           70%    Tests and Quizzes

100%                                                              100%




I’ll be posting grades weekly with your student ID number.