Lesson Plans

Mrs. Heggem’s Lesson Plans: Week of May 7-11







8th grade English

(1st & 4th hour)

Work on The Outsiders 
photo essay assignment 
Assigned: photos

Work on The Outsiders photo essay

Work on The Outsiders photo essay- due at end of hour

Present photo essay to class

Work on AR
Due: AR

Present photo essay

Environmental Literature
(2nd Hour) *

Chapter 9: “Peril and Response”  
Discuss Jensen, Kunstler, and Lovins

Part 3 Test

No class

Due: Action Research Presentation Due: Action Research Presentation

College Writing II (3rd Hour)*

See sample presentation, work on poetry presentation

Work on poetry presentation

Poetry Quiz
Work on poetry presentation

Presentation on "Mother to Son"
Presentation on "Indian Boarding School: The Runaways"

10th grade English

(5th & 8th hour)

Research unit: outline

Research unit: outline- due at end of hour

Research unit: in-text citing and work on rough draft

Research unit: work on rough draft Due: Rough draft, peer edit and revise

Due: AR

 Note: Lesson plans are subject to change.  Students should rely on information discussed in class or contact me for the most current information. Information is also available on the Google Classroom site created for each section. 

*Both sections of the college courses have accompanying syllabi that further explain weekly assignments, activities, and readings.


MCAs- 1-2nd hour

6th hr.: 1st hr: Research Project; Work on notecards- due Friday

-OLPA test

-OLPA test

Poetry Song Presentations
Poetry Song Presentations