Classroom Management

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To make this year a positive experience “academically,” I have developed a classroom management plan to ensure the best possible learning environment for all students.  Every child deserves to learn, and in order to have that happen, there needs to be respect and self-control in the classroom.  The plan below outlines our classroom guidelines and consequences for behaviors.


                                    CLASSROOM GUIDELINES

1.                  Follow Directions.

2.                  Use appropriate words and voice.

3.                  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.                  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

5.                  Be respectful of other people, the school, and personal property.

6.                  Make good use of your time.

Our class will come up with a list of guidelines together this year that will entail these, focusing on being safe, respectful, and responsible during the school day.



·         If a student chooses not to follow the guidelines, the following will take place:


1.                  Student is reminded to follow guidelines in the least disruptive way.

2.                  Student is warned about the behavior, unless it is chronic…@

3.                  Student will have logical consequences as deemed appropriate to change individual                        student behaviors, such as:

a)      fixing the situation (i.e. cleaning up a mess, making an apology of action to mend a               situation with a classmate, etc…)

b)      losing a privilege( like choice time to finish work, or choosing who to sit by...)

c)      taking time away from the situation.


SEVERE DISRUPTION:  Student is given a referral and sent to the Principal or the detention room.



*If a student chooses to follow the guidelines, the following will take place.

There are numerous rewards, both individual and class-wide, that the students can earn and work towards, including Class free choice time, Class pennies, Caught Being Good Coins and Smile Surprises.   These are given as a reward for appropriate behavior and for following the guidelines.  The real reward, however, is a classroom where a lot of learning takes place.  It is my hope that each student chooses to follow the guidelines, so that we may all have a spectacular year!  Thank you.


@ If behavior is chronic, student and I will meet to work on a system to serve as a reminder of what they need to practice.  It may include writing out a Think Sheet/Plan of Action during free/play/choice time.