Weekly Newsletter

First Grade News

Mrs. Kerzman’s Class

December 9th, 2016


A Peek at Next Week:

  • In Language Arts, our phonetic skill will be words with long i and silent e (“magic e”). Our question of the week will be, “How do plants change as they grow?”  We will discuss story sequence, making and confirming predictions, and plural nouns.
  • In Math, we’ll continue measuring; explore math materials; and we’ll gather data using a bar graph.
  • In Grammar, we’ll learn to identify present-tense verbs.
  • In Science, we’ll learn about what plants and animals need and what non-living things are. This all ties into our Reading theme this week!
  • We’ll attend a lyceum, “You’re the Star!” on Thursday morning.
  • We will visit the Health Care Center on Friday.


    Monday Sharing

    Please bring in something that is red or green.


    Food Drive

    Thanks for all your non-perishable donations for the Food Drive. Our class did a great job donating!



    • December 19th – K-3 Holiday Program at 7:00, please be to our classroom by 6:45!
    • December 21st – “Grinch Day” More info Monday!
    • December 23-January 2 – NO SCHOOL






































  • ss up days will be sent home next week.