HealthClass Rules

8 & 10 Health Class policy

All students are expected to:
1. Come to class prepared, on time and in your seat before the bell rings.
2. Follow the rules as proposed by the class.
3. Follow directions.
4. Give your best effort on a daily basis.
5. Respect the teacher and your classmates.
6. Do not speak until you are called upon, unless in-group discussion.
7. Disrupting class, swearing, arguing with instructor or other students will not be tolerated.

1. The first time a student breaks a rule in a day, he/she will be given a verbal warning.
2. The second time a student breaks a rule, they will be relocated to another seat.
3. The third time a rule is broken, the students' parents will be notified and/or given one-hour of detention.

Students will be expected to participate, whether in small groups or large groups. All work is expected to be completed upon request by the instructor.  All 10th grade students will create a Bulletin Board focusing on a Health topic of their choice.

Make-up work for students who miss class for any reason will be expected to make up the missed work upon their return. Missed work will turn into a zero if not made up by the allotted time.

Current Events
Each student will be asked to report on a weekly basis a Current Event Health Issue orally to the entire class.  The students will be expected to search local/state news sources before class begins.  A written summary of the material needs to be turned in at the completion of the assignment.  This will be done at the beginning of the class period and will be given a point value.  Failure to do this assignment will result in a drop in your grade.


The following is a list of some of the main projects and assignments expected of each student.