K-6 Physical Education Class Rules

Elementary Physical Education Class Rules

    Come to class with a good attitude ready to participate and work hard.

2.    Show respect for your classmates and teacher at all times.
       Cheer for your classmates to be successful.

    ALL students must walk when lining up to enter or leave thegymnasium.
       Sit quietly in your squad/line and wait for directions.

    Raise your hand when you want to ask a question or speaking in class. 

5.    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

6.    Please leave equipment alone until you are told to do so by the teacher.


1.    You will be spoken to by the teacher.

2.    You will moved to a new location/squad.

3.    You will sit out for a short period of time.

4.    You will be sent to the office and talk to Mr. Drake.