Q. Where can I find more information on clock hours and relicensure.
A. Here

Q. How many clock hours do I need every five years?
A. 125 hours.

Q. What specific topics must I include?
A. The State of Minnesota requires that teachers must include these topics as part of their 125 clock hours every five years.

  1. Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies

  2. Scientifically-Based Reading Instruction

  3. Understanding the Key Warning Signs for Early-Onset Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents with an additional hour of:

  4. Suicide Prevention Training

  5. Meeting Needs of English Language Learners (Specific reflection requirements)

  6. Cultural Competency (begins 7-1-19)

Q. What resources are available to help me meet the requirements?
A. Here is a short list:

  • District and building staff development sessions

  • Online workshops

  • College course

  • Other appropriate workshops and lectures

Q. When does my teaching license expire?
A. You can check your license info at the Minnesota Department of Education web site.

Q. How do I renew?
A. You will renew online with the Minnesota Department of Education. Specific details will be sent to you once you have completed the 125 hours and the state mandates.

Q. What about the categories?
A. The State of Minnesota has identified nine categories in which clock hours may be earned. Teachers must earn hours in at least two categories (this is rarely an issue)

Q. How can I learn more about the nine categories?
A. Complete description can be found on our Guidelines document that can be downloaded here.

Q. What activities count for clock hours?

A. Clock hours are granted to improve your professional practice through meaningful and purposeful continuing education activities in a variety of professional growth categories. By state law, the committee will not grant clock hours for experiences that are primarily for personal rather than professional improvement. Examples of acceptable and non-acceptable activities are outlined in our Guidelines document that can be downloaded from here.

Q. Is there an official form we should use for staff development activities?
A. Yes. That form can be downloaded from the side bar to the left.

Attach to this form documentation (original clock hour sheets) of hours earned. Also attach brochures etc. Fill form out completely and sign and date it or it will be returned to you and you will need to wait until the next committee meeting for it to be acted upon.

Q. Am I able to track my clock hours on the Minnesota Dept. of Education website.
A. Not at this time. You will be notified of the total number of approved hours once they are acted upon.