If your child is on a prescription or over the counter medication, please make every effort to give the medication at home. If it is necessary for your child's health to receive the medication at school, here are the things you need to do:

  • The school needs a completed Medication Form which includes your child's health care provider's order to administer medication. Forms are available at the health office or online. Parent or guardian must also sign this form.

  • Prescription medications must be brought to the school in properly labeled containers from the pharmacy. Pharmacies will provide a second labeled container if you need one at home and at school. Over the counter medications must be brought in the original container labeled with the student's name, dosage to be given, and the health care provider's name.

  • Any time a medication is a short term medication such as an antibiotic, please make every effort to give the medication at home.

*Because this is a public institution dedicated to the education of our youth, we feel it is important to teach them that the solution to every problem does not involve taking medication. Students will be encouraged to rest and relax and if this provides no relief and the student feels unable to continue the day at school, a parent or guardian will be contacted. A parent or guardian may come to the school to administer a medication to the student. If a student has a chronic problem that requires occasional use of an over the counter medication such as Tylenol, the health office will work with the parent/guardian and the student's health care provider to establish a plan for self-medication if this is appropriate, with the written consent from the parent/guardian.

Click here to download Medicine Authorization Form.