Preparing Garden-In-A-Box planters for Learn, Play, Grow Summer Gardening Program

Over the summer, the Battle Lake FFA hosted a community ed class, where FFA Members had the opportunity to work with 2nd through 6th graders on different aspects of agriculture and gardening.  Every Tuesday, the young agriculturists had 2 hours to be immersed in agriculture and learning about where their food comes from. For the first hour of the class, the students got to learn about things like birds, soil, seeds, parts of the plants and much more.  For the second hour of the class, students worked on the garden boxes donated to the Battle Lake FFA by the “Garden in a Box Program” sponsored by the Minnesota Horticultural Society.  

Overall, the program was a huge success with 17 young students participating, and multiple FFA Officers and members helping to strengthen agriculture in our community. 

Learn, Play, Grow students eating different parts of the plant after they learned about the parts.

Students in Learn, Play, Grow planting their garden boxes