Dr. Jeff Lukken Teaching FFA Team

The FFA involves many aspects of agriculture, from forestry to crop production and farm management to public speaking.  So when the FFA can find an expert to help train members for a contest, they jump at the opportunity.

For many years Dr. Jeff Lukken has been coaching the Battle Lake Small Animal/Veterinary Science teams.  He brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a professional's insight into the field of veterinary medicine to the students.  The students meet every Wednesday morning at 7:00 am to learn from a highly experienced veterinarian.

The Small Animal/Veterinary Science contest requires contestants to identify breeds of dogs, cats, bird, aquarium fish, rabbits and reptiles.  The students also have to know anatomy of mammals, birds and fish as well as identifying common parasites and diseases.  

In the photo, Dr. Lukken is showing and describing the uses of various tools found in veterinary practice.  The FFA members in the photo are Madilyn Burkett, Annika Lukken, Laney Frost, Madison Cameron and Raeanne Frost.  The practice sessions are open to any student who wants to learn more about veterinary medicine.  They should contact Mr. Klaers or Ms. Block at the Battle Lake School for more information.