A major study of aerosols and playing wind instruments by the National Federation of State High School Associations recommends distancing and the use of band masks and instrument bell covers.  The Battle Lake Bands are very fortunate to have talented supporters who have been sewing up a storm to outfit our students with these items for the first day of school.  

Designs used by other schools and companies were studied and modified by Ann Gibbs and Kristi Robinson and tested out by their kids to come up with the designs pictured.  The flute is especially tricky, but they figured out a special design that works quite well.   Covers were also fitted for the ends of all of the different sizes of instruments.   Ann and Kristi took on this amazing challenge with only three weeks left of summer!   They got some help with the sewing from Ellie Gibbs, Crystal Asche, Ruth Vetter, and Roxana Duncan to complete 75+ masks and bell covers for our 5-12 Band students!! 

Thank you!   Thank you!    Thank you for all of the work to make our band rehearsals a safe place to get back to making music together!!   (Pictures of the masks and bell covers in use by students coming soon.)