At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, everything was up in the air, including FFA CDEs or career development events.  As the year progressed, it was decided that all of the regional CDEs were to be held virtually, with all students competing online.  This was not an easy task at all, but over 28 Battle Lake FFA members stepped up to the challenge and not only competed, but qualified for state!  

Next came the question of what state convention was going to look like.  You guessed it!  It was virtual, yet again.  On April 27-29, the 28 students that qualified for state competed on 7 different teams.  The teams that qualified included; Crops, Fish and Wildlife, Milk Quality and Products, Nursery Landscaping, Poultry, Small Animal/Vet Science, and Soils.  The results of each of these teams at state include:

 Crops (28/35 teams)

-Tyler Christensen (84/122)

-Sawyer Christensen (88/122)

-Jack Mekalson (96/122)

-Mason Dalluge (102/122)

Fish and Wildlife (9/55 teams)

-Zach Johansen (31/207)

-Jackson Nelson (45/207)

-Jacob Radermacher (53/207)

Milk Quality and Products (11/43 teams)

-Eliana Cole (13/147)

-Ellie Gibbs (48/147)

-Ady Tysdal (57/147)

Nursery Landcaping (24/33 teams)

-Nicole Jorud (58/112)

-Addison Maethner (80/112)

-Kate Johansen (84/112)

-Cian Buehler (99/112)

Poultry (24/44 teams)

- Emmie Lundquist (49/129)

-Jarren Hill (70/129)

-Brailey Wilson (102/129)

Small Animal Vet Science (15/56 teams)

-Annika Lukken (29/204)

-Raeanne Frost (47/204)

-Laney Frost (98/204)

-Madison Cameron (147/204)

Soils (29/36 teams)

-Kyleigh Shebeck (93/121)

-TJ Underhill (109/121)

-Elizabeth Radermacher (113/121)

Congratulations to all of the teams for competing!